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One Step Hair Dryer
and Styler

Dry And Style Your Hair In Half The Time! The AirIron Bundle combines our two signature products to bring users the ultimate hair styling tool.



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Get Fast, Finished, Fabulous Hair!

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The AirIron One Step Hair Dryer and Styler

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Designed and crafted by Professionals

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Beauty Powered by Top Technology

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Made for Professionals and Beauty Lovers

The Best Hair Dryer + Attachment for Salon Perfect Hair

The Revolutionary Airiron Hair Dryer-Straightener Combo Is a Game Changer.

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Innovative Features

Air Iron Patented Ceramic-Plated Vent

Patented Ceramic-Plated Vent

Uses Heat Discharged By Blow Dryer

Air Iron Metal Core

Metal Plate core

Instant heat-up for perfect styling

Air Iron Complimentary Design

Complimentary Design

Complete system designed to work as one

Air Iron 3 Heat Settings

3 Heat Settings

Provide styling flexibility

Air Iron Cool Shot Button Locks

Cool Shot Button

Locks in any style

Air Iron Charged ions

Charged ions

Protect the hair cuticle

Air Iron Ionic Heat

Ionic heat

Dries hair faster to save time

Air Iron 9’ Power Cord

9’ Power Cord

Perfect for any styling environment

Air Iron Multifunctional


Combines blowing, drying, and styling

I absolutely love my AirIron! I use it every morning to touch up my hair to fix my flyaways.

Melanie P.

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Heat Settings

3 levels

Speed Settings

2 options

Average Time

30 min




ceramic plated


10.2 in


3.8 in


3.2 in

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The AirIron System was designed and engineered as one tool, not two. Over several years, the Styler and Dryer were conceptualized by licensed professionals with more than five decades of combined experience in the beauty industry.

Whether Short, Long, Curly or Straight, Wigs or Extensions This New Technology Is a Gamechanger

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The AirIron Styler and AirIron Dryer were engineered to complement one another perfectly, right out of the box.


While the Styler is compatible with most standard hair dryers, it is specifically designed and manufactured for The AirIron Dryer, and we recommend using The AirIron System as just that, a system.

Picture Of The Air Iron One Step Hair Dryer and Styler
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We confident The AirIron System is the most useful hair styling tool on the market today.



Free shipping: On all orders $75+