What’s the Best Type of Hair Straightener for Your Hair?

There are things to consider when straightening your locks - mainly, hair type, treatment and time. These factors play a considerable role when deciding what kind of flat iron is best for you, especially in order to achieve the sleekest, smoothest looks.

How Many Types of Flat Irons Are There?

Just as there are so many different hair types, there are many different types of hair straighteners. The five main types of flat irons are ceramic, ionic, tourmaline, titanium and wet-to-dry. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding which is the best kind of flat iron for your hair.

If you’re looking for something on the less expensive end, ceramic straighteners are a budget-friendly and safe type of flat iron. They don’t heat up too quickly making it easy to maintain the ideal temperature. Ceramic irons may not last as long or be as effective as their pricier counterparts.

Titanium and ionic straighteners are more of the professional types of straighteners. Because of their high heat, they work well on all types of hair, but beware of burning! If you’re willing to splurge, tourmaline straighteners produce similar results at lower temperatures.

Wet-to-dry straighteners attract the impatient. These can straighten hair while still damp or wet. But this type of flat iron can damage hair and cause split ends if not used carefully. Picking up the blow dryer and drying your hair first is a safer option.

Which is the Best Type of Hair Straightener?

When deciding on the best type of hair straightener, know your hair type. Is it curly, wavy, frizzy or straight? Is it thick or thin?

Of all the types of flat irons, ceramic straighteners are ideal for thin hair that is wavy or somewhat curly because of the low heat of the iron. It leaves thin hair shiny and smooth but may not produce the same results on more voluminous locks.

Ionic and titanium straighteners, which reach higher temperatures, can be harmful to thin hair. But, they’re a dream for thicker manes leaving formerly frizzy hair with a sleek shine. While these irons tend to be more expensive, they are the ideal type of hair irons for high maintenance hair.

The Best Type of Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Natural hair can be very susceptible to damage from straightening. Hybrid irons can offer gentle straightening with plenty of power. The best type of flat iron for natural hair is a ceramic straightener infused with titanium or tourmaline.

While plate size isn’t specific to a particular type of straightener, it’s an essential factor. For curly or frizzy natural hair, using irons with plates larger than 1.5 inches can be harmful.

Different Ways to Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Straighteners can do more than just straighten hair. You can create tousled waves, soft curls or give your fringe a side swept look. It requires patience and a bit more effort, but these styles can spice up your daily straightening routine.

The best type of straightener for creating lasting curls is either titanium or ionic, while milder waves can be achieved with a tourmaline iron or ceramic hybrid. Make sure the plates are thin enough, around 1.5 inches or less, to curl your hair around.

Spritzing your hair with heat protectant spray is a must to prevent singeing. When curling, make sure your hair goes over the straightener first, then under, and gently pull outward. Start at the nape of your neck and move toward your hairline.

Straighteners fall flat when attempting to achieve tight, salon-ready curls. Such a look requires the right tools, and there are so many different types of curling irons to do the job correctly. From bubble wands to double barrel wands, each type creates a different look.

A wand with a clip creates the cleanest curls while a curling iron with different barrels achieves looser, more natural curls. Bubble irons are great for beginners going for beachy, windswept waves. The spiral iron is the best type of curling iron to create sleek and retro waves.

While choosing the best type of hair straightener or curling iron can optimize your styling, applying heated pressure to your hair will damage it eventually. The AirIron, a blow dryer and straightener in one, removes the risk of applying too much pressure.

By attaching the AirIron hair dryer nozzle to any hair dryer, you can create salon-ready looks right at home. Drop the wet-to-dry straightener - the AirIron dries and straightens your hair in a gentler way producing silky, smooth hair. With any average curling brush, the AirIron can produce glamorous curls, laidback waves or sleek, straightened locks.