The Ultimate Guide to Flat Ironed Natural Hairstyles

Straight hairstyles are a staple. Whether you’re just hanging with friends, going to work or even going to a wedding, there’s a straight hair look suitable for every occasion. While a frizz-free head of hair can sometimes seem like the looks only possible for Hollywood stars, you can achieve movie-ready hairstyles for straight hair right at home.

Everything You Need to Know about Straight Hairstyles

Whether your locks are long, short, thick or thin, a flat iron is essential to create straight hair looks. But, it’s important to know your hair before you get started – what technique you use and how long it takes to achieve flat iron styles can depend on your hair type and treatment.
When it comes to how to style hair with a flat iron, a slow and steady approach is best to eliminate frizz and maximize shine. Flat iron styles can frame your face, make a statement, and even create volume. Below are some ways to style straight hair.

Short Straight Hairstyles

Styling short hair can really create a statement. A huge upside to having cropped hair is that it’s easy to manage, and creating short straight hairstyles doesn’t have to be a grueling process.

A poker straight pixie cut is an eye-catcher – it’s a timeless look that requires almost no time at all. This playful ‘do is easy to straighten and can withstand the weather, and a tousled look adds a touch of attitude.

Bobs are another classic. It’s one of the most versatile haircut styles for straight hair, especially when paired with bangs or a clean center part. To frame your face, flip the ends of your hair inward with your flat iron.

Flat Twist Styles for Short Natural Hair

Flat twists are easiest to achieve on relaxed hair, so lightly smoothing natural hair with a flat iron can streamline the process. Flat twists for short natural hair usually end at the nape of the neck, so most of the styling is done on the scalp. You can lead your twists in different directions to create wave patterns or simpler, chic stripes.

Medium Length Straight Hairstyles

Medium length hair is, well, a happy medium. It doesn’t require the commitment of cropped locks, nor does it need the extra attention longer hair requires. A number of simple straight hairstyles can be achieved with mid-length hair.

When figuring out how to style thin straight hair, layers are ideal. Lightly ironing layers achieve a carefree medium length straight hairstyle with enough volume to hide sparser spots. Focus on straightening the ends of each layer.

A half-up, half-down style is the perfect on-the-go look, but it does require a bit of work: A flat iron is essential to de-frizz the bottom half of your hair.

How to Style Long Straight Hair

It can be overwhelming to brainstorm haircut styles for long straight hair - there are endless answers to how to style long straight hair.

When straightening long hair, it’s imperative to separate your hair into sections that easily fit in your flat iron, and make sure to iron in a smooth, even motion to avoid crimping or burning.

Long Straight Hairstyles

Long, sleek ponytails are a strong look, whether you’re at work or walking the runway. For this look, the straighter, the better to avoid frizz and flyaways.

Sometimes, a clean, powerful part is all you need to turn heads. Once your hair is straightened and smoothed down, use a comb to create a strong side or center part.

Flat Twist Styles for Natural Hair

With longer hair, flat twists can extend past the neck. This added length can be let loose or gathered into a neat bun or ponytail. Long hair also allows for more intricate twist patterns, like leading smaller rows into larger braids.

How to Style Straight Bangs

Bangs can feel like a long-term commitment, but a flat iron is your fringe’s best friend. Bangs add an extra edge to otherwise everyday styles.

How to Style Straight Across Bangs

Deciding how to style straight across bangs depends on what you’re going for: Curling your iron inward while straightening your fringe creates a playful, bouncy look. Smoothing your bangs straight down is an edgier option, especially with razor-sharp ends.

How to Style Side Swept Bangs with Flat Iron

Using an iron to achieve the perfect side swept bangs is easy. From the root, just slide your flat iron along your fringe to the side of your choice. You can curl the ends inward to tame the swoosh or curl outward for a dramatic finish.

While a flat iron is a necessary tool, it isn’t the only one. The healthiest approach to styling hair requires a blow dryer to make sure your hair is detangled and ready to go through the straightener. Skipping this step and going straight for the iron can leave your hair susceptible to damage.

The AirIron combines both steps into one. Used by expert hair stylists, the AirIron nozzle blow dries and straightens your hair with a single device - no brush or iron needed. Just attach the nozzle to your blow dryer, and you’ll have a professional tool in your hands!

You won’t need to search for a blow dryer for natural hair or a hair dryer for thin hair - the AirIron is ideal for all hair types, producing salon quality results in less than or up to an hour.