Is Permanent Hair Straightening Good for Your Hair? The Answer May (Not) Surprise You

If you’re tired of turning to your hair straightener to achieve sleek, straight locks, you may have wondered - Can you perm your hair straight? Getting a permanent hair straightening treatment has long been thought of the ultimate way to de-frizz and smoothe hair, but it may not be the healthiest option.

What is a Straight Perm?

When you hear the word “perm,” you might think of tight curls with tons of volume. But, straight perms - treatments that straighten your hair for an extended period of time - are increasingly common.

From Japanese hair straightening to keratin, there are a handful of options to choose from if you’re wondering how to get permanent straight hair. These processes rely on unique chemical solutions that reshape and smoothen your hair.

These treatments are permanent, so they require quite a bit of preparation and commitment. You’ll also need to consider the straightening perm cost, which can be hundreds of dollars. It’s a pretty big decision, so investing in a reliable, upscale option may be the best decision.

What is a Japanese Straight Perm?

Also called “thermal reconditioning” or “rebounding,” one of the most popular permanent hair straightening treatments originated in Japan and became popularized in the United States during the 1990s. For women with naturally curly hair, the Japanese straight perm seemed like a miracle treatment.

The treatment relies on a special solution that breaks down the chemical bonds that define your hair’s natural shape. Once these are broken, your tresses are relaxed and easily smoothened with a hair straightener. A flat iron is run through the treated hair to activate the solution, and a neutralizer is applied to lock in your hair’s new state.

This isn’t something to be done during a lunch break - the treatment takes hours and requires some aftercare. For the first 48 hours post-process, do not wash your hair, style it or pull it back. This could cause kinks or awkward bends in your newly straightened hair.

Do Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments Work?

In short: Yes. Reviewers with even the most unruly pre-perm hair report sleek hair weeks and even months after treatment. A big pro of a straight perm is the minimal styling it requires.

How Long Does a Straight Perm Last?

But how long does a straight perm last? The answer is up to how quickly your hair grows - the treatment is only applied to already existing hair and does not transfer to your roots.

When your hair begins to grow out, it will be in its natural state. So, your roots may be frizzier and curlier than your treated tresses, which is important to consider before taking the straight perm plunge. This is in contrast to curly perms, which can look quite natural when roots grow out.

If you can style your roots to match, a straight perm can last up to six months without looking unruly. However, it’s imperative you avoid additional chemical treatment to add texture to your permed hair - this can add to potential damage.

Does Permanent Hair Straightening Have Side Effects?

Perm treatments literally disrupt your hair’s natural state. It begs the question: Does permanent hair straightening damage your hair?

There are a handful of permanent straight hair side effects. The treatment can drastically dry out your hair, especially if they are naturally thick or frizzy.

There have even been reports of hair loss, which can be caused simply by getting treated by an inexperienced stylist. It’s imperative to ask honest questions, but also be honest about your own hair history. If your hair is dyed or chemically treated, this can only add to the potential damage of getting a straight perm.

If permanent hair straightening isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s healthier for your hair to use short-term chemical relaxers or just to establish a natural hair care routine. Oils and hair masks can achieve sleekness and shine, and styling your hair once a week with a hair dryer or hair straightener may have less adverse effects.

To get a straightened salon look without extreme treatment, using the AirIron is the best option. The hair dryer nozzle is both budget-friendly and hair-friendly, combining the process of drying and straightening into one step. It minimizes the damage of heating your hair twice, and a minimal amount of product is necessary to achieve a chic, stylish look.