How Hair Care Has Evolved: New Hair Tools That Are Shaping Trends

Hair can be one of the most expressive elements of your style - you can go for a refined, classy aesthetic or an effortless, woke-up-like-this look. Whatever you go for, it’s essential to keep up with the latest hair products, hair care trends, and all the new styling tools for hair on the market.

A Brief History of Hair Care

The history of hair products embodies both salon techniques and at-home efforts. Styling hair was actually a man’s game before women entered the salon, forever changing the industry.

Since the 1920s, women have been experimenting with their hair. There weren’t too many new hair styling tools back then other than the household hair dryer, and the newest hair products were the first modern liquid shampoos. However, stylists creating fashion-forward ‘dos spurred demand for the best new hair tools.

During the 1950s, curls ruled the scene. To achieve old Hollywood-style looks, mid-century women relied on heated hair rollers. And in the late ‘60s, when long, loose, hippie-style locks were all the rage, women straightened their hair with literal clothing irons.

It was during the ‘70s that hair dryers were practically universal - by the ‘80s, it was impossible to be on-trend without a good blowout. While it wasn’t really new hair care technology, the newly achieved accessibility of the modern blow dryer defined the decades’ big hair movement.

Flat irons have existed for quite a while, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that they were widely used. From R&B stars to emo rockers, everyone wanted a ceramic flat iron to match the era’s modern style.

New Hair Tools and the Hair Care Trends They Create

Hair care has come a long way. From new hair straightening products to new natural hair care products, the wide selection of tools and treatments available today probably weren’t imaginable even a decade ago.

There isn’t a hair enthusiast without a household full of straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers, as well as tons of new hair styling tools to maintain hair health and style. In particular, the progressive development of hair care products has created tools that are less damaging to hair than antiquated methods. This has encouraged the industry to push post-modern trends, like pastel hair and stick straight locks.

Especially for the on-the-go woman, having hair care tools and products more readily available has transformed the industry. Being able to style hair at home before heading out for the day has allowed all genders to keep up with the latest trends.

New Hair Styling Tools

Straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons haven’t just evolved - they’ve diversified. There is a range of new hair styling tools to choose from, each fulfilling a different set of needs. Whether you’re restricted by budget or looking for salon quality products, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

If you’re running on a tight schedule, there are a ton of hybrid tools that streamline the multi-step process of hair styling. There are wet-to-dry straighteners, brushes that blow dry your hair… The list goes on and on.

But the best new hair tool is the AirIron, a nozzle that attaches to almost any blow dryer. Tested and highly recommended by salon experts, this attachment can dry and style your hair in a single step. All you need is a blow dryer and your favorite round brush, and you can easily get to styling.

New Hair Straightening Products

With straighteners being so ubiquitous, getting the silky, straight locks of your dreams isn’t just a dream anymore. Whether you’re booking an appointment at the salon or styling your hair at home, new hair dryer straightener make the process that much simpler.

There are several types of flat irons, each with their pros and cons, from ceramic to tourmaline to ionic. While tourmaline and ionic straighteners usually produce the best results, ceramic irons are generally safer than higher temperature tools.

Usually, straightening your locks is a two-step process involving a blow dry and the ironing step itself. This can be time-consuming, and actually, it can damage your hair because of the double exposure to heat.

The AirIron minimizes damage by turning those two steps into one and by decreasing the temperature of your dryer’s airflow. This trendy tool also works on all types of hair. Of all the new hair styling tools available, the AirIron is the least damaging and the most efficient.

New Hair Care Technology

Hair care developers are always looking for ways to make styling more safe, efficient, and accessible. Introducing new tools and treatments helps bring trends from the runway to the everyday person so that everyone can rock the latest locks.