Hottest Hairstyles for Women in 2019

Women’s hairstyles have always made a statement. Whether your style is post-modern chic or old Hollywood, the hairstyles you choose say a lot about your personal style.

In 2019, there’s a fresh, new round of trends in hairstyles for women to choose from. You can update your current look or try something totally new - it’s up to you to decide from these best hairstyles for women.

What Is Trending in 2019?

This year is all about updating ‘dos from decades past. Styles from the ‘90s in particular, like layered shags and blunt bobs, are making a huge comeback.

Natural texture is also a huge trend. Whether your hair is wavy, frizzy or curly, letting your locks do their thing is flattering for any face shape. It’s all about picking a style that works with and enhances your natural hair, not forcing it to be something else.

These hair styles for women are great for on-the-go women. For the most part, 2019’s trending hairstyles are low maintenance with a high impact.

What Are the Hottest Hairstyles in 2019?

This year, there isn’t one right way to be on trend. You might not even have to book a trip to the salon - there are a ton of women’s hairstyles you can achieve with the right at-home tools.

1.The “Modern Shag”

Considering its name, the shag is meant to look effortless and edgy. With a lot of layers and a medium-length cut, you’ll look like the powerful frontwoman of any ‘70s rock band.

This is one of the lower maintenance hairstyles for women. With a light blow dry and de-frizzing job, the choppy layers create a texture of their own. Even if you have normally straight, flat hair, you can achieve much-envied volume with this retro look.

2. Light Waves

They never seem to go out of style - light waves are one of the best hairstyles for women, and they make a statement without being too bold.

Whatever the length or type of your hair, you can achieve this with a quick straighten and curl. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, you can use a hair dryer nozzle that will tame your texture. Finish up by tousling your waves with an anti-frizz oil or mousse.

3. The Sleek Center Part

The center part is a modern classic, with plenty of A-List celebrities rocking it on the red carpet. It works well for any length, especially blunt hairstyles with no layers.

This look is all about smoothness. Your hair doesn’t have to be stick straight, but your locks should be sleek near your center part. Use your straightening tool to eliminate any awkward volume or frizz on top of your head.

4. The Textured Pixie

Remember when sweet, smooth pixie cuts were all the rage? In 2019, this mega short look is getting an upgrade.

Kept longer on top and shorter on the sides, the textured pixie shows off your natural hair type. As one of the lowest maintenance hairstyles for women, this look only requires a quick blow dry. To create volume, tousle your hair with your finger while using the hair dryer.

5. Easy, Breezy Bangs

Blunt front bangs have always been a statement. This year, however, let them grow out to soften up your look. Rather than a flat-on-your-face fringe, this hairstyle lets your forehead breathe by curling your bangs the slightest bit.

Blunt front bangs have always been a statement. This year, however, let them grow out to soften up your look. Rather than a flat-on-your-face fringe, this hairstyle lets your forehead breathe by curling your bangs the slightest bit.

6. Girly and Curly

Women with natural curls, rejoice! 2019 is all about celebrating textured hairstyles for women. When it comes to curls, the bigger, the better - don’t be afraid to let your locks fly free. Curly bangs are especially in this year.

Blow drying textured hair can seem tricky, but this styler is designed to work on any hair type, including bouncy curls.

7. The Blunt Bob

Straight, curly or wavy, the blunt bob is a simple style that makes a lasting impression. Especially with the hotter months approaching, this is a great look to go for if you’re willing to lop off your locks.

What Hair Trends Should You Avoid?

While tempting to help create those sleek, straight styles, chemical straightening treatments aren’t the best solution. Forego your Brazilian blowout appointment - remember that this year’s trending hairstyles are all about going natural.

Pastel hair is also on its way out. You may have loved your lavender moment, but it’s time for intense hair care. Even hair that’s still bleached can be saved by the right tools and tips.

Best Hair Products and Tips of 2019

Keeping your hair well-nourished is more than just a trend. You should always be working to save your locks from split ends and intense dryness.

Natural oils are great for dry, damaged hair. Jojoba oil, in particular, has gained popularity for its richness in vitamins C, B, and E, as well as its moisturizing properties.

Sometimes, styling can feel like it’s doing more harm than good. Using a tool like the AirIron minimizes damage by combining blow drying and straightening into a single step. If you use a hair dryer and a flat iron back-to-back, you could be stripping your hair of natural oils by applying too much heated pressure.